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Freebird Pictures has accompanied multiple animated films as a partner in production and marketing. We support film projects in story development and financing as well as cinema and home entertainment marketing

Richard the Stork

Richard the Storck

A perculiar group of birds, tired of their everyday lives, takes over the world in a fast paced adventure that takes them on a journey through Europe all the way to Africa.

Co-Producer Tania Reichert-Facilides

Released 12th of Febuary 2017

Role Co-Production

Molly Monster the Movie


A lovingly illustrated film about little Molly's wonderful journey through monster land. An emotionally narrated story for kids about family cohesion, friendship and the challenges of getting a sibling.

Producer Tania Reichert-Facilides

Released 8th of September 2016

Role Production and Marketing


Ooops... Noah is Gone...

Noah is gone...

The ark is gone, as are your parents and you're up to your neck in the flood! Luckily, you get to prove your courage and aptitude in the funniest adventure of all time and have lots of fun with new friends on this turbulent odysee.

Released 1st of July 2015

Role Financing and Marketing

Rescue Rabbit

Rescue Rabbit

"Are you ready?" Nano and Lilly are regular schoolkids until they're faced with the biggest adventure of their lives as minified bodynauts on a secret mission inside the body.

Co-Producer Tania Reichert-Facilides

Released 30th of October 2014

Role Co-Production and Marketing